Electronic Compliance Management System Functionality


Electronic Safety Management System Functionality

Person Module

Controls all staff information, security and security permissible, the required staff documentation with expiry dates (medicals, work permits, etc.)

Policy Module

Control company Policies and the communication thereof.

Safety Committee Module

Control safety committee meetings. The system will escalate non-conformances to the minutes of the meeting. Actions can be created against items and assigned to the responsible users.

Contractor Administration Module

Controls the legal compliance of contractors. Set required safety documentation per industry. Monitors expiry dates of legal documents. See legal compliance of contractors when scheduling work.

Audit Reports

Create Audit Reports for any audit requirement. Escalate any non-conformances immediately through the Action Module.

Reminder Email module

Sends reminder emails on any workflow within the system.

Incident Investigation Module

Control reporting of incident, completion of the required documentation for these incidents and management reporting thereof.

Fire and Emergency Module

Control Fire and Emergency documentation, fire drill intervals and recording of the fire drills

Training Module

Controls training requirements, training is linked to legal appointments and the expiry dates of training certificates. Assists with the planing of training in advance.

Reporting module

→ Dashboard – View compliance on a single page.
→ Internal Filters – Create company specific reports.
→ Accessible from anywhere, anytime (web based).
→ Filter and navigate to branch or activity level.
→ Accurate information in real time.

PPE Module

Control the issuing of PPE, PPE cannot be issued twice. Ad-hoc issuing can be created for “lost” or damaged PPE. Assists with planing PPE stock levels.

Toolbox Talks Module

Control Toolbox Talks and the communication sessions.

Action Notification Module

Create an Action Ticket against any non-conformance in the system. The system will send notification email to the involved people. All Action Tickets are displayed on the Dashboard.

Risk assessment module

Risk Assessment and ratings can be created electronically. Communication session can be created and a register signed as proof.

Appointment Module

Control all appointments, quantify of required appointments and the status thereof.

Induction Module

Control assignment of employees to specific inductions and the completion thereof. Induction can be in video format and can be used to communicate all company rules and regulations.

Register module

Anything can be measured. Non-conformances can be escalated immediately through the Action Module. Can be exported to Excel to identify trends. View registers that must be completed on a calendar.

Safety File Module

Export complete Safety File with all documentation to hard copy for external auditing purposes or record keeping.

Safety Documentation Module

Control Document Library with documentation, legislation and the expiry dates thereof.